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Thank you for visiting my Natural Motion Sickness Solution site.

I would like to tell you about how and why I created Natural Motion Sickness Solutions.

I was on a cruise with my wife.   

I am not a cruiser so I was not willing to go on a long cruise.

This was a Atlantic trip for 14 days, so as long as we were going from Port to Port I was fine, however we were going to have 6 sea days.

I was sick and I tried everything from the leading seasick medication to ginger, green apples and just plain starvation.  Nothing worked.

 I was throwing up and eating mashed potatoes

I told my wife that this feeling is in my head, not my stomach.

I asked her to put some oil in my ears to relieve the stress of motion sickness.

After several minutes I began to feel relieved and better.

I was feeling better and began to eat an drink.

When I returned home I realized that the oil in the ear is what made me feel better.

So I started researching the inner ear and the effects of motion sickness.

I started the process of marketing Natural Motion Sickness Solution.

After much research I settled on a blended oil that has no dyes or perfumes, and that is completely natural.

This product has many features and advantages. 

Natural Motion Sickness Solution is suitable for all ages, from older adults to small children.

When taking a cruise, sailing or taking a airline flights, or driving to the mountains, skydiving, and scuba and snorkeling.

And don’t forget to give some to your pets as well, follow the same instructions and steps

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