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About Us

We are people who suffered from motion sickness and had a strong commitment to making a safe and chemical-free Natural Motion Sickness Solution for families that has been effect by Vertigo and Equilibrium problems. We recognized the need and set out to create and expand natural and organic personal care solution to reduce the exposure to medications and chemicals, which is why we founded Natural Motion Sickness Solutions.

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Get To Know Us

The founders are committed to making safe chemical-free motion sickness solutions for families affected by vertigo and equilibrium problems. We recognize the need to create and expand the use of natural and organic personal care solutions to reduce exposure to medications and chemicals, which is why we founded Natural Motion Sickness Solutions.

Who We Are


Get To Know Our Mission

Our mission was to create the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible product for "YOU" by using pure and simple ingredients with time-tested manufacturing processes.

Know Our Vision

Our vision is to have a significant, positive impact on the Motion Sickness Industry

Culture, Values, and Principles

Are at the core and values as a family we always hold fast to these values no matter the impact on the growth of the business.

Core Values, we abide by the following principles:

  • Create only the healthiest, highest quality and most accessible products for human use by using organic ingredients.

  • Manufacture our products using Good Manufacturing Standards or better.

  • Package our products using only recycled and recyclable materials, non-toxic inks and adhesives and push the boundaries for innovation in sustainable packaging.

  • Reduce waste by reusing packaging we receive from suppliers

  • Provide affordable products

  • Distribute products in local markets and online so everyone has the opportunity to use them.

  • Deliver consistent, prompt, respectful and friendly service to everyone we interact with.

  • Cultivate a workplace that is inclusive, where employees are valued, heard and invested in.

  • Give back to the world by participating in philanthropic giving of time, talent, and treasure.

  • Contribute to a secure and sustainable world by abiding by our principles.

  • Our products are made with plant-based oils and plant-derived ingredients that are non-toxic. We never include ingredients that are carcinogens, neurotoxins, or endocrine disruptors. We are transparent with our ingredients and processes.

  • Our products are always made with plants grown in accordance with organic standards, never petroleum or petroleum by products.

  • Our products are reasonably priced, available online from anywhere with fast and friendly shipping.

  • Please contact us after using our product to let us know how it helped you.

  • We believe that our clients will love this after their first time.

  • When it works tell friends and family who have a problem with motion sickness.


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